Welcome To Versatile Scholars


Established in 2002,Versatile Scholars promoters knowledge and teaching to help kids recognize their imagination and allow their brain a free environment. So, that Unlike other schools, they are not burdened by the heavy books and syllabus but can bridge the gap between classroom and the reality. Versatile Scholars wishes to increase the general awareness among the children and improve their skill level in a more defined manner. The School is affiliated with IAO-36847, globally accepted Programme and a unique way to develop child's intellectual level.

AT A GLANCE (Versatile Scholars)


Kids generally love to spend their time as they like, thus we provide an environment which can be well adapted by your kiids. We happily announce and THANK the PARENTS who have been with us in our journey and trusting and choosing us for their kids. We have won

  • GOLD MEDALS -78,
  • BRONZE 19
  • At various Olympiads conducted by various organization.

    INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY(IT) IT is used as a tool to aid the inquiry process.It is is used to integrate from pre school onward up till PYPS. Stand alone skills are also taught during the IT SESSIONS.

    Music-Each class has a music session during the week. The children explore voice , beat, percussion and notation during the session.

    ART- Engage children in creative processes through which they explore and experiment in a continual cycle of action and reflection , develops innovative thinking and creative use of technology.

    BREAK TIME- The break is to sit down to have food and drink.We recommend to have fruits daily .It helps to maintain energy levels.. ACADEMICS Strictly on CBSE pattern.


    Is a platform for street children education .At present 40+ children are being taught life skills and given education. 23 medals won by children at Annual sports meet for under privileged children conducted in LDA STADIUM , Aliganj ,Lucknow.


    An integrated program for children with special needs. At SNEH we provide these children keeping in mind their overall development and growth.VERSATILE SCHOLARS is an INCLUSIVE SCHOOL thus helps a limited number of students having special needs.


    We provide re- training to teachers ,life skills to students, that keep the stable in times of rough crisis.WE help executives, graduate in developing CHARACTER QUALITIES that can help them make good decisions, and not to succumb to external pressures.

    Our Mission

    Development, Growth,Involvement and recognition of students achievements .


    Our Vision

    Child ready to out do parents on world map tomorrow.


    Quality Policy

    Parents need not worry about terrain of battle ground of admissions.